@NemanjaKSyncit opened this Issue on September 1st 2022

As you can see, there are zeros on a couple of fields for 2022-08, usually fields that are "total" and fields that are related to new visitors and returning visitors are just fine.

I found this issue appears on some periods and date combination, not for all.


@sgiehl commented on September 2nd 2022 Member

Hi @NemanjaKSyncit
Thanks for reporting this issue. It's hard to tackle down the reason without being able to reproduce that one.
Are you able to provide some additional information:

  • Does it work when you request the numbers only for that month?
  • Is data shown in the UI when you look at the goal reports for that month?
  • Does it never work for certain months, or are you able to get correct numbers when re-archiving the reports?
  • Can you see any archiving related errors in your error log?
@Kovanija commented on September 5th 2022

@sgiehl Thank you for your time!

Understand, I will try to help you as much as I can in order to find the issue.

We started collecting data starting from 2022-08-09, by choosing range period and selecting 2022-08-01,2022-08-31 I am still getting zeros just like in the picture above.

But, when I select week or day period and type last6 or last30 for date, I am getting expected and good result.

Also, if I use month period and chose last3 for date, I am still getting zeros, but other fields are just fine just like in the picture above.

The most confusing part about this issue is that if I choose range period and select 2022-08-02,2022-08-31 I will get the good result, but if I choose 2022-08-01,2022-08-31 I will get zeros just like in the picture. I am not sure why that 1 day is so important. Every starting date that is older than 2022-08-02 will return zeros. Strange.

Selecting range 2022-09-01,2022-09-30 OR 2022-09-01,2022-09-05 works fine.

It may be up to selecting the date of the month when Matomo started collecting data?

  1. Yes, if I select range from 2022-08-02,2022-08-31. But will not work if I select 2022-08-01 or older date for starting date.
  2. Same issue in the UI. If I select Month period and select August, returns all zeros for overall revenue, conversions, conversion rate.
  3. Never works for the same parameters. No matter how much I call the same report, I will get the same.
  4. No, logs are empty
@sgiehl commented on September 5th 2022 Member

That one day make a difference is quite easy to explain. Matomo has an archiving system that aggregates and stores data for days, weeks, months and years. If you request a certain period Matomo tries to fetch the according data using the best aggregated archives that are available. So if you select 2022-09-01,2022-09-30 Matomo will use the data that was prearchived for that month. But if you select 2022-09-02,2022-09-30, Matomo can't use the aggregated month data anymore as it would contain too much data. It thus tries to use week or day archives that are included in the period and aggregates those data before returning it.

As the day reports seem to work in your case it seems they are created correctly. But for some reason the monthly archives are partially broken. I would suggest trying to invalidate those reports and try archiving them again. See https://matomo.org/faq/how-to/faq_155/ for details how to do that.

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