@bx80 opened this Pull Request on August 31st 2022 Contributor


Fixes #19693

Quick fix for long PDF report titles overflowing off the header page.
Also crops the long title in the page footer (if necessary) so the page counter doesn't overflow.


@bx80 commented on September 4th 2022 Contributor

@sgiehl I've improved the layout to more closely match the original and removed the title text justification.

@sgiehl commented on September 5th 2022 Member

@bx80 Seems like the PDFs are almost looking the same again. Nevertheless I guess our tests actually do not cover the reason why the changes have been made at all. Wondering if it might make sense to add an additional test case to prevent future regressions around too long report titles.

@sgiehl commented on September 6th 2022 Member

@bx80 I've pushed some adjustments for the tests, so they cover the case of a long site name as well as a long description. Feel free to have a quick look at the changes and merge the PR if they suit you.

@bx80 commented on September 7th 2022 Contributor

Thanks @sgiehl, good to have the tests cover future regressions :+1:

This Pull Request was closed on September 7th 2022
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