@heurteph-ei opened this Issue on August 25th 2022


When users uses Matomo reports, they complain about always having to scroll down then up...

Step to reproduce

I want to see (on demo site) the Page Location and Page Type for different segments (or date)

  1. Go to https://demo.matomo.cloud/
    Great! πŸŽ‰
  2. Open the Behaviour menu, scroll down to see Page Location then click on this link
    Argh, I don't see the first lines of the table... πŸ˜₯
  3. Now I want to change or check the dimension (or date), so I have to scroll up! (because I don't see the dedicated dropdowns) 😒
  4. OK, now I want to see the Page Type sub menu of Behaviour... I have to scroll down again😒
    And loose again top report lines and segmentation/date dropdowns... 😭

(Note: for top bar, the problem is the same when using the green bottom icons of the table reports (for data export, etc.) or when you scroll down the main Matomo dashboard to see the most bottom one...)


Left menu

Provide an independent scrolling for the left menu

Top menu/dropdowns

Use of sticky menu

Your Environment

Steps to be done at: https://demo.matomo.cloud on device 1200x800 (Firefox)

@bx80 commented on August 26th 2022 Contributor

Hi @heurteph-ei,

Thanks for the feedback and detailed explanation, there certainly is a lot of scrolling involved when using device with limited vertical pixels. Sticky menus could definitely be a good way to address this but any change would need to also be considered in the context of the overall user experience. I've marked this issue for further prioritization and I'm sure it can inform our future UX improvements :+1:

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