@atom-box opened this Issue on August 24th 2022

This feature existed as a plug-in, not by Matomo, for Matomo 2.

A user writes:
" I use matomo for hundreds
of websites, so a simple grouping feature for the all websites dashboard
would be very helpful so I group and categorize my large network of

"looking to have a simple way to put over 500 websites into smaller groups, and be able to view how that group is performing from the all websites dashboard which is exactly what the older version of "websites group" plugin offered."

@atom-box commented on November 4th 2022

A user writes:

"Hi, as far as I can see, I can only choose one or all websites. What can I do if I have 20 websites and I want to see 15 in one overview and 5 in another one? Also, it would be great to add another option in the settings to choose multiple websites."

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