@mattab opened this Issue on January 5th 2011 Member

See report in : http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,70690

The query should have AND visit_last_action_time > ?

clause to make it use the INDEX and perform better.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on January 8th 2011

I have this problem too. piwik has become unusable since the critical update from 1.0.

@mattab commented on January 16th 2011 Member

(In [3758]) Refs #1966 Spy should not keep doing requests when the screen is not showing the widget anymore

@Fil commented on January 23rd 2011

Piwik was very slow for me and unusable; disabling "Live!" made it usable again.

@mattab commented on February 6th 2011 Member

we must take a decision: either we disable Live! by default for all new installs, or we fix these performance issues

@mattab commented on February 17th 2011 Member

I fixed this issue, just and introduced a new bug tracked in: #2076

@mattab commented on April 5th 2011 Member

this obviously wasn't fixed properly

@mattab commented on April 5th 2011 Member

(In [4316]) Fixes #2145 as far as I can see, it should be fixed, but I've been wrong all previous times so testing is very much welcome! thx

Refs #1966 Improving visitor log performance by rewriting the query

@mattab commented on April 5th 2011 Member

(In [4317]) Fixes #2259 Kuddos SteveG for spotting this issue!

Refs #1966 cancel the other ajax request as well, when something wrong happened in the previous request + fixing the missing order by

@mattab commented on April 5th 2011 Member

wow that looks fast now!! Will keep an eye on it

This Issue was closed on April 5th 2011
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