@KarthikRaja1388 opened this Issue on August 17th 2022

It would be useful to have a feature to create views under a Matomo website similar to GA.

A view or reporting view is a subset of a Universal Analytics property that can have its own unique configuration settings. You can create multiple views for a single property and configure each view to show a different subset of data for the property.

Customer's request:

On Google Analytics, within a property you can have multiple views which could be created to cover each specific language of the site. ie. for us we had a view for all /en/ traffic, one for /da/ and /sv/ but I can't seem to find out how to do that in Matomo.

I have been looking online and all I can find are articles that seem to tell me to merge the traffic with custom dimensions which is not what I want at all.

@peterbo commented on August 17th 2022 Contributor

This would also create capabilities in terms of permissions for a subset of views within a measurable (which is often requested). E.g. content team (stakeholder mostly interested in their content branches), leadership (interested in overview over all data), etc. This would make a lot of things much easier to analyse (= create a measurable from a segment / filter).

@kevinokeefeii commented on December 19th 2022

This would be very valuable, especially for those looking to make the switch before GA4 is forced and the current GA sunsets. I am currently looking for other providers because the previous iteration of GA made this so valuable for us. This is critical for our case, where we have a very large domain with hundreds of divisions. We can roll out a single tracking code across all department pages and the data is collected in a single property. We can then filter that property into different "sub-sites" or "views" based on URL patterns and then assign users to them. Those users only see their associated data (no other noise) and can run full queries on all of their data. I can provide more information if needed.

If you want to capture more customers moving away from GA4, this would be an important feature that would certainly be valued by future customers.

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