@KarthikRaja1388 opened this Issue on August 17th 2022

An option to share transition report to other users with a link or the ability to add it to Email reports would be helpful to some customers.
Currently there is no option to share the transition report either add it to a custom or email reports.

Customer's request: we would like to create a shareable link to view the Transition Data (only for those with the link).

@KarthikRaja1388 commented on August 19th 2022

Customer's request: I am reaching out to find out if the Matomo Tool has the ability to generate a shareable link to specific data on the platform. We want to share the Transitions data with other members of our team in our organization, without making all data viewable by the general public as this is data on a government website. The idea was to generate a link to the Transitions page data and send to those particular persons. I understand there is capability to email reports but currently, the Transitions data is only able to export as XML and JSON.

@SimoneMTI commented on August 30th 2022

Good day team, any update on this ticket?

@SimoneMTI commented on September 21st 2022

Hi good day, is there any update on this ticket please?

@justinvelluppillai commented on September 21st 2022 Member

Hi @SimoneMTI this ticket is not yet scheduled for work by our team. If you are able and would like to submit a PR for this we would happily review that.

@SimoneMTI commented on September 22nd 2022

Hi @justinvelluppillai what exactly is PR?

@justinvelluppillai commented on September 23rd 2022 Member

Hi @SimoneMTI - apologies, PR is Pull Request. I meant if you are able to contribute a solution here we will happily review it and that can be an effective way for community members to get improvements into Matomo

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