@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on August 16th 2022 Member


There was an optimization in 4.x-dev that manually loaded the dashboard if changing the page to a dashboard and the piwik-dashboard element was present on the page. During the migration to Vue, this was changed to always apply the optimization even if the piwik-dashboard element is not present (the bug). This causes a bug where the dashboard does not load when going back to it (or when loading the page explicitly after it has been loaded).

To reproduce:

  • load dashboard
  • change to a different reporting page
  • hit back, see that nothing changes

This PR fixes the issue by removing the optimization. I verified on 4.x-dev, the piwik-dashboard element simply isn't on the page at the same time anymore, so whatever hacky code this was before is not actually used now.


This Pull Request was closed on August 16th 2022
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