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In the French translation, a character (ampersand poundsign 039) is not displaying correctly in the view for
⚙️ > System > Import > Google analytics


@Findus23 commented on August 14th 2022 Member

The translation string is correct (https://hosted.weblate.org/translate/matomo/plugin-googleanalyticsimporter/fr/?checksum=f881f6f5577e3d1f), so this is an issue in all languages and just doesn't appear in English because there are no non-letter-characters there.

Maybe we should expand the Matomo "development" language to a proper pseudolocalization where random non-ascii characters are added/replaced and increase the length of the English string by X% (as often things are cut off in the German translation simply because things are longer in German)

@sgiehl commented on August 16th 2022 Member
@sgiehl commented on November 10th 2022 Member

I think this one should be fixed with #19190.

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