@AaronClifford opened this Pull Request on August 9th 2022


Bugfix: This should fix #19340, added unsanitizeInputValue around the username/password, I'm unable to test this locally so would require someone with an SMTP server available to them to test.


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@sgiehl commented on September 8th 2022 Member

This change should actually not be needed at all. It true, that a & is stored as & in the config file. But that is actually on purpose, as all values stored in config are automatically encoded before they get saved and decoded when they are read.
See https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/blob/95b9d8efc15d62c1a048a13f4e94e34e26de4cb5/core/Config/IniFileChain.php#L492-L530

This Pull Request was closed on September 8th 2022
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