@ulcuber opened this Issue on July 14th 2022 Contributor
  1. Add ability to throw on warning/notice
  2. Maybe add filters for exception logging


  1. Currently Notice - Undefined index does not stop execution but it could lead to bugs silently logging such cases.

  2. For example, laravel do not logs validation/authorization exceptions using internalDontReport:

@sgiehl commented on July 18th 2022 Member

Hi @ulcuber
Thanks for the suggestions. In general I would agree that it might be nice to have a possibility to configure this. But actually that would only help for development. This couldn't be turned on in productive mode, as our code base is quite old and there might be some notices that had been "ignored" on purpose. We are always trying to fix those when we see them, but I'm not able to say if stopping the executing for notices might not even break some parts of Matomo.

Personally I'm always having a log tail running while developing, so I'm able to see if a notice occurs somewhere.

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