@peterhashair opened this Issue on July 11th 2022 Contributor

When I am writing the FAQ, I found the keyword search under user manage is quite bugged. I guess maybe we need to add a debounce on the key-up events.


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  • Matomo Version: 4.11
  • PHP Version: 8.0
  • Server Operating System:
  • Additionally installed plugins:
  • Browser:
  • Operating System:
@sgiehl commented on July 11th 2022 Member

probably a vue regression. ping @diosmosis

@diosmosis commented on July 11th 2022 Member

A regression caused by https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/19375, the nextTick() is not enough to execute the code after the property emit finishes. Not sure yet what a fix would be.

@sgiehl commented on July 11th 2022 Member

@diosmosis would that be fixed with removing angular js? Or would that issue remain?

@diosmosis commented on July 11th 2022 Member

@sgiehl it will remain, it seems to be a Vue reactivity issue.

@sgiehl commented on July 25th 2022 Member

This one seems to be fixed meanwhile. At least it works for me on latest 4.x-dev.
@peterhashair Are you able to confirm that it works for you as well?

@peterhashair commented on July 28th 2022 Contributor

@sgiehl yes it works

This Issue was closed on July 28th 2022
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