@paolobenve opened this Issue on July 9th 2022

A cuban province, Camagüey, appears as Camagey in the map tooltip. Looks like a utf8 issue

Matomo version: 4.10.1

camagey 1

@bx80 commented on July 10th 2022 Contributor

Hi @paolobenve, thanks for spotting this. I've created a PR to correct the name

@paolobenve commented on July 11th 2022

is it not a problem with a cuban province, it's a problem with utf8 non-ascii text: see other cuban provinces with accented letters: Pinar del Río, Ciego de Ávila, Guantánamo.

I suppose it's a problem with all the tooltips which involve accented letters

@bx80 commented on July 11th 2022 Contributor

@paolobenve My mistake, I thought it was just an issue with a single province name. You are correct - accented characters in many (but not all) map names are missing, this seems to have been a UTF-8 issue with the initial map SVG files that were generated sometime before 2013. There have been various fixes since to correct individual countries that have places with accented characters .

I expect at some point the visitor map code will receive a major overhaul as it uses libraries that are no longer maintained, but in the meantime I'll can at least adjust my fix to correct all Cuban province names.

This Issue was closed on July 11th 2022
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