@matomoto opened this Issue on July 6th 2022


matomo tracks bots massivelly and waste my database full with it.

I have write a question in the forum, but only a hint to a plugin is answered.


matomo had a massivelly problem with bot tracking. In my question, i have only mentioned my brandnew domains and not the list of all my older domains. And i write only for onepager. Also all infos are per one page (onepager). It is multiplicate for multi-page websites.

Please help!

@justinvelluppillai commented on July 7th 2022 Member

Hi @matomoto probably the Tracking Spam Prevention plugin is what you are looking for - https://plugins.matomo.org/TrackingSpamPrevention

I will close this issue here now, further discussion can be had in the forum.

This Issue was closed on July 7th 2022
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