@jmumby opened this Issue on June 30th 2022

Hits are missing in the email alerts. Previously Cloud users could (and still can) create a pageviews alert to keep track of their quotas. It would be good if they could now set a hits alert for similar notification.


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@Birkaransingh94 commented on June 30th 2022

Cloud customers would also like to view the data for how many hits are used by a measurable - get overall breakdown of hits consumption.

@sgiehl commented on June 30th 2022 Member

@jmumby @Birkaransingh94
The problem is, that alerts currently use a specific report they are based on. I guess non of the default reports contain hits.
A work around might be to create a custom report, that includes the hits metric and use that report.

@jmumby commented on June 30th 2022

@sgiehl Ahh yes this would be perfect I think.

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