@Dominic-Marcelino opened this Issue on June 29th 2022


In order to create more beautiful, modern and clearer Dashboard the whole Dashboard-setup should be modernized.
The design-modernization should also be applied to the reports.

This ticket is supposed to be an ongoing list to track ideas and inspiration

This should include

  • A new layout system
    A row-based layout in order to allow different columns per row

  • Design-options

    • Custom background colors for widgets and rows for visual separation
    • Font-size settings (e.g for KPI widgets)
    • Conditional colors: change color based on the value (custom colors and limits)
  • Editing mode
    Right now we can view the settings ALWAYS by hovering over a widget. I suppose that customization options should only be displayed when activating an "edit mode". This provides a clearer UI and prevents from changing anything unintentionally

  • Hide empty values
    An option to hide empty values from tables and bar-charts

  • Comparable option
    Add options to display comparable values everywhere (compared to insights view - e.g add graph line from previous month)

  • Update data
    There's already an option to re-fetch the data for a single widget. A button to update all widgets would be lovely

  • Modernize UI
    The graphs (especially the line-graph) feel pretty fashioned and could be modernized (see examples below)

  • Save selected time period
    Right now the analytics period always jumps back to global user-default ("day" by default). For some dashboard that doesn't makes any sense at all. I'd suggest to save the period selected in the editing mode mentioned above

  • Limit dashboard for specific sites
    Custom created dashboards are available on all sites. I'd suppose to add a whitelist and a blacklist option to enable or disable the dashboard just for specific sites


@peterhashair commented on June 29th 2022 Contributor

@Dominic-Marcelino thank you for the feedback and suggestions, our UX team is currently working on this.

@Dominic-Marcelino commented on June 30th 2022

@Dominic-Marcelino thank you for the feedback and suggestions, our UX team is currently working on this.

@peterhashair awesome 🤩
Is there already some kind of high-level roadmap? Couldn’t find a lot in the milestones

@peterhashair commented on June 30th 2022 Contributor

@Dominic-Marcelino yeah, it's not really shown on the milestone, I would say you probably look at Matomo 5. x for these changes, but it's definitely on our plans.

@Dominic-Marcelino commented on July 1st 2022

@peterhashair Thanks 🎉☺️

@tomper00 commented on August 8th 2022

I would really like to see a custom HTML or perhaps a markdown widget as well, so that you can describe the dashboards better to the users.

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