@Prinzhorn opened this Pull Request on June 27th 2022 Contributor

Copying this from the docs caused

Unmatched '}'

and fixing it caused

Call to undefined method Piwik\Plugins\API\Reports\Get::getCategory()

and logging getCategoryId() shows that Actions is not correct either. But using General_Actions doesn't remove any menus either, even though unset is called.

I feel like the first person using these APIs (refs #19389)


@Prinzhorn commented on June 27th 2022 Contributor

Never mind, it actually removes some things. E.g. using Referrers_Referrers will still leave one menu/widget intact for some reason?

None of the reports in filterReports have category Marketplace_Marketplace. So this might be a timing issue? Are these added after filterReports was called?

This Pull Request was closed on June 27th 2022
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