@atom-box opened this Issue on June 23rd 2022

A user has requested a widget could be added to visualize a common marketing histogram called the Power Curve, popularized by Facebook.

Power Curve or L30 is described in many marketing blogs.
Examples here and here

The L30

A description from the second link, above:

the L30 is a histogram of users’ engagement by the total number of days they were active in a month, from 1 day out of the month to all 30 (or 28, or 31) days. While typically reflecting top-level activity like app opens or logins, it can be customized for whatever action you decide is important to measure for your product.

The Power User Curve has a number of advantages over DAU/MAU:

  • It shows if you have a hardcore, engaged segment that’s coming back every day.
  • It shows the variability among your users: some are slightly engaged, whereas others are power users. Contrast this with DAU/MAU: it’s a single number and so blurs this variance.
  • When mapped to cohorts, Power User Curves let you see if your engagement is getting better over time — which in turn helps assess product launches and performance of other feature changes.
  • Power User Curves can be shown for different user actions, not just app opens. This matters if the core activity that matters for your product is deeper in the funnel.

In other words, while the DAU/MAU gives you a single number, the Power User Curve gives entrepreneurs several avenues of analysis to assess their product’s engagement to the most addicted users — in a single snapshot, over time, and also in relation to monetization

@atom-box commented on June 26th 2022

An existing widget is pretty close, just is not a histogram. And is not exactly a Power Curve
This can be seen at Matomo > Behavior > Engagement > "Visits by Days Since Last Visit"


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