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Fixes #15262

The average order value on the evolution overview charts was always shown as zero, this was caused by pre-formatted values in the datatable breaking the jqplot data generation.

This fix attempts to solve this by:

  • Respecting evolution chart visualization calls which set format_metrics = 0 (only setting a format_metrics default value if there are no request override parameters)
  • Having evolution charts set format_metrics = 0
  • Passing the series units to the jqplot data generation setAxisYValues method
  • If the series unit is a percent then convert chart data values to display percentages.
  • jqplot chart number formatting currently doesn't fully support internationalization (eg. forcing a dot as a decimal point separator), all series formatting units were being added as a postfix, I added a minor tweak to show dollar and pound currency symbols as prefixes. This is obviously not ideal but should be a slight improvement for some people, if we had a reliable way to determine the currency symbol position then we could possibly add that as metadata to core/Metrics::getUnit() and make it available to the jqplot formatting code.


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