@tillinb opened this Issue on June 10th 2022

At the moment we can only see 'sucessful' pages – pages that have been viewed at least once. But e.g. for SEO it would be really helpful to find those pages, that are performing badly, or not at all – especially on very large websites with hundreds or thousands of pages. I would love to see a matomo fuctionality or feature that would allow me to find those pages that have zero views in a given time period.

@heurteph-ei commented on June 10th 2022

How would you Matomo get the list of existing pages?

@sgiehl commented on June 10th 2022 Member

That might be something that could be developed as a third party plugin. The plugin could scan the page for defined sitemaps (or provide an upload) and then go through the list of pages in the Matomo reports to check which pages weren't tracked.

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