@sgiehl opened this Issue on June 1st 2022 Member

While developing another feature I came across some regressions in the global website settings form.
Might be possible they also exists in the general settings form:

  • When the API request to store the data returns an error (e.g. invalid excluded ip), the error is logged in the browser console and is displayed at the top of the form. But the loading bar above the save button remains and the save button stays disabled. That makes it impossible to simply fix the problem and save it again.

  • All text input areas behave a bit strange when you try to type some characters somewhere in between. If there is already text in the box and you try to type something e.g. in the front, the cursor will automatically jump to the end. This makes it hard to change anything.

@diosmosis I assume both are vue regressions. Could you check and fix them?

@diosmosis commented on June 1st 2022 Member

@sgiehl I can't reproduce the second issue, can you provide a browser/os and possibly a video?

@sgiehl commented on June 21st 2022 Member

@diosmosis sorry for the delay, that one somehow slipped through 🙈

I'm still able to reproduce the second one on locally on Windows using Chrome, Firefox or Edge but also on OSX / Chrome using BrowserStack.


@diosmosis commented on June 21st 2022 Member

:+1: I can reproduce now, and have a fix I'll put up soon.

This Issue was closed on June 23rd 2022
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