@diosmosis opened this Issue on May 26th 2022 Member

To reproduce:

  • open a report (tested w/ a CustomReports report w/ many metrics that scroll)
  • hover over a row with a subtable (notice the segmented visitor log + row evolution icon shows)
  • click the row to expand the subtable (the icons will disappear at first)
  • move the mouse w/o existing the row (the row actions will display, but only the segmented visitor log is visible)

The row evolution icon is in the HTML after the segmented visitor log one, but is displayed under it because the margin-left is too high. If you move the mouse away and back over, it can randomly appear in the correct position.

This issue can be seen in the CustomReports test as a random failure:


@bx80 commented on May 30th 2022 Contributor

I managed to recreate this with a CustomReport report. :+1:
Couldn't recreate it with any other data tables, so it might be specific to custom reports?

@diosmosis commented on May 30th 2022 Member

Possibly, I didn't check any other tables. I assumed it had to do with the number of columns in the table. If that's the case then a goals table for a site w/ many goals might exhibit the same behavior. (Though again I didn't check for this.)

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