@Starker3 opened this Issue on May 25th 2022 Contributor

It seems as though updating the email schedule for an email report doesn't update the task timetable for that report.

For example, if we create a new scheduled report with the schedule as Monthly:
Thursday-26-05-2022 11-41-40

The task timetable sets the time/date that it will next run, in this case the first day of the next month (The report just created here has an ID of 8):
Thursday-26-05-2022 11-44-08

But if this report is updated to a different schedule, for example Daily:
Thursday-26-05-2022 11-44-30

Then the task timetable is not updated with the correct next date (Even after running a normal core:archive to let scheduled tasks run like normal):
Thursday-26-05-2022 11-48-23

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 4.10.0
@bx80 commented on May 29th 2022 Contributor

@Starker3 Can you confirm that deleting and recreating the report works around this issue?

@Starker3 commented on May 30th 2022 Contributor

@bx80 Deleting the report and creating a new one works to get the correct schedule set, yes.

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