@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on May 25th 2022 Member


This will include the referrer attribution details for conversions in the API response of Live.getLastVisitsDetails.

refs #18612

In a later step we could also consider to show that attribution in the visits log in the UI maybe.

Note the submodule tests will also need to be updated before merging this one.

ping @mattab


@sgiehl commented on May 30th 2022 Member

@justinvelluppillai as mentioned in the description. Those are tests from submodules. Would update them when the PR is approved to avoid spending time on updating the submodules on the PR unnecessarily.

@sgiehl commented on May 31st 2022 Member

@justinvelluppillai shall we include that in 4.11? Guess seeing the attribution for conversions at least in API output might be helpful for some users. Or shall I directly update the PR so that information is also visible in the visits log. That should be doable in a couple of hours.

This Pull Request was closed on June 9th 2022
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