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Revise the Composer type of the project and use »project«.


Matomo currently uses »application« as type in the composer file. This is a proprietary type.

It was introduced when Composer was added initially (10 years ago) and never changed afterwards: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/blame/8198c387746c426ccb3bcbb2e4a2340a6aade718/composer.json#L3
I assume that at this point in time it was used to delimit the type "library".

By now the composer schema recommends to use »project« for a project like Matomo. This is the industry standard for most similar projects.

I suggest to revise the type and use the better suiting type »project« instead.


  • Expected standard type for this kind of project
  • Supported natively by Composer
  • Supported by Packagist
    • Switches the recommend installation command from composer require to composer create-project → See https://packagist.org/packages/matomo/matomo and compare to https://packagist.org/packages/symfony/skeleton
    • This is because Packagist and Composer treat »application« like the default type »library«, which is not the case here - matomo/matomo is no library, it is a project
    • The currently recommend installation command fails: running composer require matomo/matomo leads to error Problem matomo/matomo[4.10.0, ..., 4.10.1] require matomo/referrer-spam-list dev-master -> found matomo/referrer-spam-list[dev-master] but it does not match your minimum-stability. → However, switching to the correct installation command - since this is a project and not a library - leads to a successful installation
    • This may be a cause for the low installation count on Packagist

Edge cases:

Switching the project type does not prohibit to treat the project like a library (means this is not a breaking change).


Installing Matomo using composer should be part of the Installation Guide. But is not in scope of this PR.


This Pull Request was closed on May 25th 2022
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