@atom-box opened this Issue on May 22nd 2022

A user reported:

We found an issue on the Matomo Page Stats Dashboard. When you click on the Dashboard button, the submenu is under lapping of the date bar and channel types bar.

bug-modal-is overwritten

I confirmed

For a narrow screen, some of the divs escape from Visits in Real-time widget under these conditions:

  • screen width 800 to 630 px roughly
  • Firefox or Chromium browser, in Linux Ubuntu
  • The widget was "Visits in Real Time"
  • my Matomo version was 4.10.0

tatll-overflow div

@peterhashair commented on May 23rd 2022 Contributor

Thanks for providing this bug, I can confirm this exists on the current Matomo Version, our product team will prioritize that task.

This Issue was closed on June 9th 2022
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