@chriscroome opened this Issue on May 17th 2022

With the latest version of Matomo:

php console core:version

There is a plugin upgrade available:

Plugin Version Description Status Action
CustomVariables 4.0.1 => 4.1.0 Categorise your visitors and actions with custom name-value pairs. Segment by these values and get more insights to draw the right conclusions. Active Update

When the Update link is clicked I get:

An error occurred

Could not verify the security token on this form.

When the Plugin tick box is selected and then Update Selected is clicked I also get:

An error occurred

Could not verify the security token on this form.

If I reload the plugin page and then tick the box to select the plugin and click Update Selected I get an error page with:

An error occurred

The ui asset with 'href' = /home/stats/sites/default/plugins/CustomVariables/angularjs/manage-custom-vars/manage-custom-vars.directive.less is not readable

Note that the /home/stats/sites/default/plugins/CustomVariables/angularjs directory doesn't exist.

However when then reloading the plugins page there are no updates available and CustomVariables is listed as running version 4.1.0:

Plugin Description Status Action
CustomVariables (v4.1.0) Custom Variables are (name, value) pairs that you can assign using the Javascript API to visitors or any of their action. Matomo will then report how many visits, pages, conversions for each of these custom names and values. View the detailed Custom Variables for each user and action in the Visitor Log. This plugin is required to use Ecommerce Analytics feature! GPL v3+ By Matomo. Active Deactivate

So the upgrade for the plugin do appear to work but the errors are not ideal, I have had the exact same issue as described above with 4 Matomo sites, all running with the latest Debian Bullseye PHP:

phpquery -V
@bx80 commented on May 17th 2022 Contributor

Hi @chriscroome, thanks for reporting this.

That security token error message when updating plugins sounds very much like bug #15608 which we've had trouble recreating, the extra information here might be helpful.

The missing file error when rerunning the plugin update likely means that the first plugin update attempt correctly removed the file as part of the update, then when the second (page reload) update ran the file is unexpectedly reported missing as it. The angularjs files are no longer needed in newer versions of the plugin.

I'll close this issue in favor of #15608.

This Issue was closed on May 17th 2022
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