@MadMaxInfinity opened this Issue on May 6th 2022


Currently, matomo uses the server’s time.
But analytics would be more accurate if they are synced through NTP, and TOTP would be more resilient (read this to get why this is interesting) if matomo would manage a NTP setting and use it.
This can have other interests I don’t think of right now, so if others want to reply.

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 4.9.1
  • PHP Version: Not relevant
  • Server Operating System: Not relevant
  • Additionally installed plugins: Not relevant
@MatomoForumNotifications commented on May 6th 2022

This issue has been mentioned on Matomo forums. There might be relevant details there:


@sgiehl commented on May 8th 2022 Member

Hi @MadMaxInfinity,
Thanks for this suggestion.
I would personally see this as the responsibility of the server admin to keep the server time synchronized accordingly.
Otherwise we could no longer use the built-in php functions to get the current time.

But what we imho could consider is adding a simple diagnostic, that checks if the current server time is out of sync with a (customizable) ntp server.

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