@korve opened this Pull Request on April 28th 2022 Contributor


This PR makes the Widgetize page translatable. The related issue is #19076


@korve commented on April 29th 2022 Contributor

Thanks for the Review! Very insightful :) I have a question. The link to the Security Settings page is not working for me locally. The affected code is here:

  rel="noreferrer noopener"
  href="${this.linkTo({ module: 'UsersManager', action: 'userSecurity' })}"

The generated URL is ?module=Widgetize&idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday&params%255Bmodule%255D=UsersManager&params%255Baction%255D=userSecurity&params[module]=UsersManager&params[action]=userSecurity

Is this a problem with my host settings or is it a problem with my changes?


@sgiehl commented on April 29th 2022 Member

@korve seems that was actually already broken before. There is a typo in the linkTo method. It needs to be

    linkTo(params: QueryParameters) {
      return `?${MatomoUrl.stringify({

So the three dots before params are missing. Adding them should fix the issue I guess.

@sgiehl commented on May 2nd 2022 Member

I'll update the tests & vue files after merging it...

This Pull Request was closed on May 2nd 2022
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