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Even though most people might have already updated and solved the filename case issue, there could be still people running into that issue if they had installed a version before the rename and update to a newer version.

Simply renaming the component should finally solve that and consume less time than trying to dig longer in the code where it might fail to remove or recreate a file on update when the name only differs in case. We for sure should keep that in mind and should avoid renaming files in case only.

Note: The angularjs adapter still uses the old name as directive, so it can't break any plugins that might still use the old angular js directive. Which is e.g. also the case here: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/blob/be724571d2f477b4f553411d41df3fb22408c0a6/plugins/LanguagesManager/templates/getLanguagesSelector.twig#L4

fixes #18724


@diosmosis commented on April 28th 2022 Member

What was the other file that MenuDropdown was in conflict with? Was it in the same folder? And this is a problem during the update?

@diosmosis commented on April 28th 2022 Member

Ok I saw the related issue, makes sense.

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