@taladar opened this Issue on April 28th 2022

Matomo has an auto-update functionality that includes the download of the latest version in the web interface.

As far as I can tell there is no way to trigger this process completely from the CLI. All guides I found suggest downloading
the update myself, unpacking it, then running the core:update command.

It would be useful to have the full auto-update available via console to be able to automate the process without prompting the user to login and click the auto-update button and without re-implementing part of the functionality already implemented in the auto-update in Matomo itself.

@StefanS-O commented on April 30th 2022

Wanted to implement an Ansible task to update Matomo and realized console core:update doesn't do much.
I expected that it would have the same functionality as the web interface update.

@chriscroome commented on May 17th 2022

The console core:update comand does upgrade the database, without it automated upgrades would probably be a lot harder...

FWIW I have written a Ansible Matomo role that downloads and unarchives Matomo and then rsync's it over the top of the old version and updates the database and then deletes the unneeded files using scripts for each upgrade.

However having more and better command line options would be very welcome, in addition to the ability to update Matomo core it would be nice to be able to list available plugin updates and update plugins -- I haven't any Ansible for automating this yet.

@StefanS-O commented on May 17th 2022

Thanks @chriscroome i will take a look! Also i think a better name would be migrations:migrate for what the core:update task is doing. A core update it is not :D

@chriscroome commented on May 17th 2022

Also i think a better name would be migrations:migrate for what the core:update task is doing.

I'd vote for core:update-db because matching the WP-CLI command might leave more spare space in my brain for other things ;-)

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