@sissibieber opened this Issue on April 13th 2022

apparently the tool Cookiebot finds a cookie from matomo (4.9.0) eventhough cookies are disabled in TagManager and in privacy settings. Since we are trying to convince clients that matomo is the better alternative to analytics because it can run without any cookies, we have an issue here, since clients that are using Cookiebot see a cookie set by matomo. Which is definitely not the considered outcome. I am not sure what the Cookiebot scraper does exactly, because I cannot reproduce or find that cookie if I browse through the pages with my browser.
Any ideas on this?

Example of Cookiebot result:


@sissibieber commented on April 14th 2022

Ok, seems there was some caching issue after updating to 4.9.0 on the website itself and the latest js file was not used from matomo. The Cookiebot scan runs now through without finding any matomo cookie.

This Issue was closed on April 14th 2022
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