@tsteur opened this Issue on April 10th 2022 Member

In the users management we already have the feature to grant extra capabilities to a role. This would be the opposite where we restrict certain features or metrics or insights and take it basically away from a role.

An example could be Revenue. Once a data restriction "Revenue" is applied, the user cannot see any revenue information anymore.

Further, plugins could define more restrictions like you maybe don't want to give everyone the ability to configure a new heatmap or session recording. This can be very helpful for privacy compliance to prevent someone creating eg a session recording without thinking about it etc.

There could also be a data restriction "Personal data" which access visibility on IP address, user ID, visitorID, and other personal data.

Some plugins could use this feature also to make the UI simpler.

@heurteph-ei commented on April 11th 2022

Also some restrictions on segments (some user have an access to data from some segments only...)

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