@dawnbreak opened this Pull Request on January 11th 2014 Contributor

Add SailfishBrowser and Sailfish OS to UserAgentParser.
Moved Sailfish OS to 'Other Mobile' OS family in UserAgentParserEnhanced.

@halfdan commented on January 14th 2014 Member

Any specific reason to move it to "Other Mobile"?

@dawnbreak commented on January 15th 2014 Contributor

Well, the whole OS family stuff is quite messy I think. There is also already quite a gap between UserAgentParser and UserAgentParserEnhanced. Is there a reason there are two libs for this? I thought it would fit better to 'Other Mobile' than a new Sailfish OS family as in my first pull request where I add Jolla to UserAgentParserEnhanced.
As far as I understand the family conditions Sailfish OS runs on something they call Nemo, which is based on Mer, which is based on MeeGo, wich is based on Maemo(Debian) and Moblin(RedHat) which is all Linux. Tizen is also based on Meego and Tizen is in 'Other Mobile' already, but only in UserAgentParserEnhanced.
Just saw MeeGo is in the Symbian OS family in UserAgentParserEnhanced, which I think is wrong and should also be in 'Other Mobile' like in UserAgentParser, or even another new OS family Meego or Maeomo/Moblin with Tizen, MeeGo, Sailfish, etc.?

@mattab commented on January 15th 2014 Member

we want to only improve UserAgentParserEnhanced going forward.

We plan to merge DevicesDetection and UserSettings repors, see: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/3962#ticket

technically the UserAgentParser is deprecated. You can help improve the UserAgentParserEnhanced library! Thanks

@dawnbreak commented on January 16th 2014 Contributor

"View Visitor Profile" in Live View still needs the name mappings from UserAgentParser.
Will take a closer look on the os families in UserAgentParserEnhanced the next days.

@mattab commented on January 16th 2014 Member

It would be great if you can help us deprecate UserAgentParser :+1:

This Pull Request was closed on January 15th 2014
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