@ShenandoahInfo opened this Issue on February 28th 2022

I logged in to do my monthly report and there is no data for the month of Feb. I also looked at the all-time data and it is the same as last month which confirms no Feb data

@sgiehl commented on February 28th 2022 Member

Hi @ShenandoahInfo
Thanks for creating the issue. We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Matomo.
As it's hard to find any reason without more details, please help us by answering the following questions:

  • Are all reports empty for the month, or only certain ones?
  • Are visitors shown in the visits log, or is it empty as well?
  • Can you see data in the reports by switching to week or day reports within Feb?
@ShenandoahInfo commented on February 28th 2022

I saw the days and month totals for January but nothing shows up on Feb under any of the types of day, month, custom period…

@sgiehl commented on March 1st 2022 Member

@ShenandoahInfo Ok. Are you able to see visitors when going to Visitors > Visits Log? If that one is empty as well, there were actually no visits tracked. If there are any it seems the archiving didn't run for some reason.

@ShenandoahInfo commented on March 1st 2022

We have never had a month that we didn't have visitors. We have healthy traffic.

@ShenandoahInfo commented on March 1st 2022

This morning I am seeing NO info for any month or year. Everything is zero. Again, we always have traffic on this website and none of my previous info is available. Yesterday I was seeing totals through January and today I see nothing.

@sgiehl commented on March 2nd 2022 Member

Hey @ShenandoahInfo. As we haven't received any other similar report, it seems to be a very specific one.
You can try to invalidate the report data and re-archive the reports. See this FAQ for details: https://matomo.org/faq/how-to/faq_155/

If that doesn't help, please ask for help on our forum or if you are a customer of Matomo, reach out to our support.

@atom-box commented on March 2nd 2022

A few users have reported a similar issue this morning.

@atom-box commented on March 3rd 2022

At least one of the cases is actually not our product:

This Issue was closed on March 2nd 2022
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