@sgiehl opened this Issue on February 22nd 2022 Member


Matomo currently ships exactly one pre-defined default dashboard, which provides a very basic widget set.

As the requirements for a useful dashboard strongly differs between the type of website and the person looking at the stats it would be quite useful to ship a set of helpful dashboards with Matomo. This might also help new users to quickly get the insights they need.

When creating a dashboard you can currently choose between the default dashboard and an empty dashboard. In that popover we could add a select box, that allows selecting a predfined widget set.

As the availability of various widgets depends on the activated plugins, we should implement it in a way that allows every plugin to extend and manipulate the list of pre-defined dashboard.

Also the possibility for creating additional pre-sets for admin users or the super user might be handy.

To identify which would be the most helpful dashboards we could e.g. try to analyize the most common widget combinations on cloud

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