@fmh31200 opened this Issue on February 17th 2022

MS Edge : whereas PDF or HTML reports can be downloaded, CSV and TSV start downloading, but an error message appears "Network error".
None of them are received when "sent by email"

Chrome : reports of all formats can be downloaded, but like Edge, none of them are received when "sent by email"

@peterhashair commented on February 17th 2022 Contributor

@fmh31200 I tested on MS Edge, it seems working fine for me, is there any change, a WIFI or network connection drop during the process?

@fmh31200 commented on February 18th 2022

Thx for your help. no connection problem during the process.
Here's a screencast of downloads of PDF and CSV : https://watch.screencastify.com/v/v6kkOrrQEShxfgqE06rm

@peterhashair commented on February 20th 2022 Contributor

@fmh31200, thx for the screencast, will do more investgation, come back to you ASAP

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