@dev-101 opened this Issue on February 11th 2022

This issue is related to one I reported before, just can't find it right now. In older issue I complained that "Rows to display" drop-down selector is missing if we use default "Last 30 days" configuration in Admin Dashboard > Personal > Settings to be shown in widgets (etc.) when we open /matomo/index.php URL (default dashboard), while on Behavior > Pages > Open Row Evolution (for particular page) reports. Now, there is another problem, different than the old one.

The affected function: (screenshot from Behavior > Pages > Open Row Evolution on single row/page > drop-down button under Chart area)


How to reproduce:

  1. Configure Matomo to display "Last 30 days" by default in widgets reports when you open basic /matomo/index.php URL (setting is located in Admin Dashboard > Personal > Settings, as you prob already know).

  2. Open basic Matomo URL, then go to Behavior > Pages > *then switch to single day in the calendar/data range selector [see note]** e.g. select yesterday (if you don't have enough today's hits) or today's date (if you have enough pages visits / data).

[note *] This is a very important step, because, as I already wrote about it before, the drop-down button in above screenshot will not appear otherwise! This is yet another bug/issue with ORE charts that should be resolved, but it is now not related to this bug report

  1. Now hover over each page and click on Open Row Evolution icon/button

  2. Chart will open, with drop-down range value at 30 by default. Change it to, say, 90. Wait until data loads, then close the page (hit anywhere outside the popup window or hit "X" at the top right corner of the popup window).

  3. Open another Open Row Evolution window for a different page. Chart still loads "30" but the drop-down selector remembers "90" from before! In order to actually load last 90 (days) report in the chart now you have to select another value, and then select again "90" to actually load last 90 days in the chart.

This was working fine before.

Is this reproducible on Matomo Online Demo (demo.matomo.cloud)?

No, funny thing is that it works OK there, but the explanation might be that you use "yesterday" as a default reporting date/range in the settings, so that your default URL looks like this:


So, when you switch to Pages, you don't really have to change anything in the date range selector, in order to make Range drop-down button appear when you click on Open Row Evolution. Update: even if we manually select today's date, it still works OK in the demo site.


This bug is consistent on 3 different installations, all installed at different time points, and running on different systems. I tried logging-out and signing back, but that didn't help.

@bx80 commented on February 13th 2022 Contributor

Hi @dev-101, thanks for reporting this and providing such helpful recreation steps. I can confirm that this issue is present in the current development branch.

@peterhashair commented on June 13th 2022 Contributor

I guess there are 2 solutions here, remove the code here to reload the table, that will keep the 90 days as the memory, and update the graphic (maybe a condition check would be better if param changes compare to the table data)


another solution is to revert this part here, which will ignore the previous select, reset back to default day


@dev-101 commented on September 18th 2022

This issue is still present, but this issue has been closed? I still have this problem.

Confirmed on 2 different systems/setups.

Please carefully follow How to reproduce steps in OP.

@peterhashair commented on September 19th 2022 Contributor

@dev-101 thanks for the feedback, but I can't see that problem exists on my local or our cloud, generate a video for the steps I am following. Another thing that could help is this command ./console cache:clear to clean the cache, if that helps.


This Issue was closed on June 15th 2022
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