@tsteur opened this Issue on February 2nd 2022 Member

Follow up from https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/18723/files#r797936437

We have been using 40 characters in some columns, in some others 60 for plugin_name.

We should adjust isValidPluginName method to check the length in the regex and if not valid, throw an exception? It may be painful for some people to rename the plugin but at least on Marketplace the length has been already enforced.

The Marketplace itself enforces a length of 40 characters. Happy to increase this to 60 characters if better.

We want to make sure that

  • Marketplace and Matomo itself validate plugin name
  • All DB columns use same length
@jane-twizel commented on July 8th 2022

Let's increase this to 60 everywhere so it is consistent and this also means we won't have to address any names that are 40+

@sgiehl commented on October 4th 2022 Member

Note: Once this has been changed, we also need to update the marketplace, as well as prepare a change for the documentation here: https://developer.matomo.org/guides/distributing-your-plugin#pluginjson-file

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