@Starker3 opened this Issue on January 24th 2022 Contributor

It would be quite useful for users to be able to create a segment that would only be used or valid for a certain period of time.

There are often times when users create a segment that is only beneficial for the time period when a certain marketing campaign is active. It would be good to have a few options when creating the segment to be able to set a specific date or time period for when the segment can be automatically disabled/deleted. This would prevent the segment from continually needing to be archived past a certain date.

There will also likely be a lot of users that would still want access to these segments that were created for a certain time period or for a specific date range. So adding the option of being able to "Disable" the archiving for a specific segment could be very useful. There are likely many cases where people created a segment for a specific time period and kept the segments active in order to refer back to the reports in the future for whatever reason. Is such a case, Matomo would continue to try and archive the reports for the segment, taking up valuable time in the archiving process.

For the disabling of segments I think it would be useful to have it either as something that can be configured for a specific date or time period but also to be able to disable archiving for a segment whenever necessary in the UI without deleting the segment.

@bx80 commented on January 25th 2022 Contributor

So this sounds like three new options for a segment:

  • Disable archiving after date x / now (segment will be ignored by the archiver, but still available for reporting)
  • Disable after date y (segment will not be shown for reporting or be archived, but will still be available in the manage segment screen for revival)
  • Delete after date z (segment and archived data will be completely removed by a scheduled task)

Would it be a good idea to have some sort of warning sent before automatically deleting data? (maybe the marketing campaign was extended since the segment was created?)

Should there be some visual indication for a segment with archiving disabled that it will only show data up to a certain date? (to avoid confusion when a segment suddenly starts showing no data)

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