@Sir-Will opened this Pull Request on January 23rd 2022 Contributor


disableAlwaysUseSendBeacon should be applied first like alwaysUseSendBeacon, otherwise it only works when being pushed as first entry to _paq.


@sgiehl commented on January 31st 2022 Member

Hi @Sir-Will. Thanks for your pull request. Changes to js/piwik.js also require our minified javascript files to be rebuilt. You can find more about building those files here: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/blob/4.x-dev/js/README.md#deployment

I will merge your PR into another branch for now, and built the js files myself. For future PRs it would be awesome if you could do that as well if possible.

@Sir-Will commented on February 1st 2022 Contributor

Noted 👍

This Pull Request was closed on January 31st 2022
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