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Issue: dev-2431

This PR improves the existing log_visit table index by including a third column within the index. The schema change will allow all new installations to benefit from the improved index, while the update script is earmarked for the 5.0.0 release.


@tsteur commented on January 24th 2022 Member

@sgiehl changed that guide to recommend MySQL 8.

Just one last thing that needs to be clarified. How much of a need is the descending order

It's not needed. On Cloud we don't run it on MySQL 8 either but it still helped.

@sgiehl commented on January 25th 2022 Member

@tsteur if that's the case, why do we know that a DESC key would be better, and shouldn't we then maybe change the other keys containing visit_last_action_time to DESC as well? :thinking:

@tsteur commented on January 25th 2022 Member

The find visitor query does a DESC and so the most others if I remember correctly. I don't think it's needed for the others but we could always test later down the road. We haven't seen any issues there so far.

@sgiehl commented on January 31st 2022 Member

@tsteur feel free to put this into a milestone it should be included or even merge it right away

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