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  • rename PluginSetting component to GroupedSetting (changed :plugin-name to :group-name and allow it to be optional)
    This component encapsulates the Vue side handling of the formField.condition parameter in angularjs, but in a way that doesn't require FormField to know about every other setting/setting value. It's used in measurable settings and tag manager parameters.
  • refactored condition handling to take place in GroupedSetting instead of FormField to reduce the amount of work FormField does and so we don't have to pass a dynamic function as a property to FormField and so FormField doesn't have to show/hide itself. BC w/ angularjs should still be maintained.

@sgiehl @peterhashair it would be good to review this one before doing the sitesmanager PRs.


@diosmosis commented on January 16th 2022 Member

had a better idea, will push a change soon

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