@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on January 5th 2022 Member


This PR is based off of #18566.


  • Migrate user permissions edit component.
  • Allow returning jquery request handle from AjaxHelper.



@diosmosis commented on February 8th 2022 Member

@peterhashair by "autofill password plugin" do you mean a matomo plugin or a browser extension? Can you provide a link to it?

@peterhashair commented on February 8th 2022 Contributor

@diosmosis browser extension. Like bitwarden or chrome password autofill. I think it trying to fill 2 fields, username, password. The popup only has the password field, so it changed the field behind the popup confirm.

@diosmosis commented on February 8th 2022 Member

@peterhashair that's interesting, thanks, I'll disable the inputs as you suggest.

@diosmosis commented on February 9th 2022 Member

@peterhashair fixed in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/18576 where the relevant angularjs code is migrated

This Pull Request was closed on February 9th 2022
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