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While testing another PR including some db schema changes I observed some weird issue, where while loading the update page the page for setting up 2FA was displayed.

The reason for that took me a while to figure out:

When opening Matomo the updater was triggered due to the version change. While the update is being prepared those components not having an update file are already updated (e.g. version is adjusted in option table). That update triggers an event, which causes the TagManager to update the containers. In my case updating the containers ran into a maximum execution time exceeded error. That error should then actually be displayed in the safemode screen. But as this error happened within a method running within Access::doAsSuperUser, the login was temporary set to super user was set. This caused the 2FA is forced screen to be rendered instead (as I had force 2FA enabled).

Steps to reproduce the error on 4.x-dev

  • Setup 2FA for super user account
  • Enable Enforce 2FA
  • Logout from Matomo
  • switch to a branch containing database & version update, or simulate that by running a db query like UPDATE matomo_option SET option_value='4.5.0-b1' WHERE option_value='4.7.0-b1'
  • Adjust plugins\TagManager\TagManager.php and add this lines somewhere within Access::doAsSuperUser (around line 270)
  • Open Matomo, which should trigger the Updater
  • The above added lines will trigger an execution time error causing 2FA setup to be displayed


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