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Potentially fixes #18468

I've been unable to recreate the exact conditions that cause this error:

WARNING: /core/DataTable/Row.php(805): Trying to add two strings in DataTable\Row::sumRowArray: 2021-12-07 01:50:26 + 2021-12-07 02:05:12 for column _metadata in row # [‘label’ => ‘Martijn’, ‘nb_visits’ => 73, ‘nb_actions’ => 82, ‘Actions_nb_pageviews’ => 79, ‘Goal_revenue’ => 0, ‘Goal_nb_conversions’ => 0, ‘_metadata’ => array ( ‘ts_archived’ => ‘2021-12-07 01:50:26’, ), ‘visits_evolution’ => 2.076, ‘visits_evolution_trend’ => 1, ‘actions_evolution’ => 1.504, ‘actions_evolution_trend’ => 1, ‘pageviews_evolution’ (Module: MultiSites, Action: getAllWithGroups, In CLI mode: false)

But it seems likely that some archiving process is calling DataTable\Row::sumRowMetadata() to sum all row metadata values. Recent change #6784 adds the ts_archived date value to the row metadata and attempting to sum this is probably causing the error.

This PR adds a check to the DataTable\Row::sumRowMetadata() method to prevent any attempt to sum metadata values for the ts_archived column which is always going to fail.


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