@mkassir95 opened this Issue on December 13th 2021

In the API reference documentation there are two terms : _id & uid .
What is the use case of each of them and what the difference between them

@sgiehl commented on December 13th 2021 Member

Hi @mkassir95. Would you mind linking the according documentation pages?

@mkassir95 commented on December 13th 2021

Hi , yes sure

uid is in Optional User Info Section and _id is in Recommended paramters Section

@sgiehl commented on December 14th 2021 Member

Setting the uid should normally overwrite the _id, based on your config setting of enable_userid_overwrites_visitorid. While the _id is hexadecimal the uid can be filled with more custom content (like a username or alias).
If you need more help with that, maybe try asking your questions on our forum (https://forum.matomo.org). We are actually only handling bug reports and feature requests here.

This Issue was closed on December 14th 2021
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