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Marketplace -> Premium Features widget

Add the first sentence and make it green. Also add a heart emoji.


This page should also show our bundle including “Special offer:” before the description. The bundles should always be shown first. Let's use normal font color for now, not red for these 2 words.


Plugin detail view (when clicking on a plugin)

Mention "Try 30 days for free, then" in green before the price for any bundle/premium feature. Note the price will only shown if you don't have it purchased yet and also I think if you haven't installed it yet maybe.


Marketplace overview

add (Free trial) to the button


problem might be that “trial” might be cut on a smaller resolution


so we use <span style="white-space: nowrap;">(Free Trial)</span> so in worst case it’s not visible or fully visible.


Change the 2 sentences in Advanced Analytics & Services section


We can help you unlock the full power of Matomo analytics using our additional products and support services so you achieve your goals.

You can also migrate your data to our Cloud-hosted service any time.

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