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  • First: when changing the site, we can't use hash values in the new URL since some hash parameters will break Matomo if present in the main URL. To reproduce, just change a site on a report page, the hash will merge w/ the rest of the URL and the page content will not load.

  • Second: when launching a site in a new tab, the hash needs to contain the period/date even if it's not in the hash, since some angularjs code will only forward what is in the hash in API requests. TO reproduce, create a site w/ no visits, go to a site w/ visits, then from the site selector cmd+click the site with no visits. It will load in a new tab, but the AJAX request for siteWithoutData content will fail because no date/period was specified in it. (The root problem is in the widgetloader, not sure if this is fixed automatically in the Vue migration PR).

~Given how very specific/fragile the URL handling is in different places I wonder if there's a specific API that will avoid these sorts of problems in the future...~

Fixed the second one also by just making sure period/date/segment are always present in the hash params.


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@sgiehl updated

And when I'm on a site without data (url without hash) and open another site in a new tab (strg + click), the new url contains a hash with the idSite only, and the request fails. I guess the reason for that is here:

can't reproduce this, the URL I get if I ctrl + click a site entity looks like http://localhost/index.php?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=3&period=day&date=yesterday#?period=day&date=yesterday&idSite=3&category=Dashboard_Dashboard&subcategory=1 which works. What kind of URL are you seeing? What URL did you click from?

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@diosmosis I'm not able to reproduce that either with the latest changes.
Seems some JS tests are currently failing. Would be good to merge, once they are fixed.

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