@tgr opened this Issue on November 30th 2010

If the detailed revenue data (select Goals from the main menu, select a goal, click on the sparkline with "XXXX overall revenue" written after it) has large enough numbers, they will be sent in scientific notation, and the parser will throw up this message and fail to load:

JSON Parse Error [Bad Object]
Error at character 3927, line 80:
@robocoder commented on November 30th 2010 Contributor

We ran into a similar problem in #839 and reported it upstream to the OFC dev. (The workaround was to cast to int ... which is ok for ranges.)

Perhaps we can fix this in our fork of OFC?

@robocoder commented on November 30th 2010 Contributor

Maybe we can merge up with the "community release" at http://code.google.com/p/ofc-etw (appears to have the blessing of the original OFC dev).

@tgr commented on December 7th 2010

This is the relevant OFC-ETW bug: #24 JSON parse error for scientfic notation

@robocoder commented on December 10th 2010 Contributor

Reprioritizing as this is more a symptom of #1882.

@mattab commented on January 16th 2011 Member

wont fix, better reopen #1882 if need be (should we?)

@robocoder commented on January 16th 2011 Contributor

The bug in OFC is that it generally can't parse scientific notation. Something small like 1.0+e01 would trigger the error. IIRC we worked around something similar (prior to the OFC-etw fork).

I'm also vaguely recalling a bug with locales and commas. It would be nice to have at least this ticket or #1882 open as a reminder for further investigation.

This Issue was closed on January 16th 2011
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